We're Mobile!

Proud to Serve the Greater Vancouver Area

Happy Hodor's pack walk services occur primarily in the  Olympic Village/ Chinatown/ Gastown neighbourhoods. Don't hesitate however to contact us with inquiries outside of that service area!

We're mobile and will work to accommodate your requests!*

Inquiries for solo walks outside of both our service area and high-volume hours (10 AM to 2:30 PM) will be considered on an individual basis.

*A fee of +$5.00 per walk is applied to requests that fall outside of a 5 km radius from our location.

58 Keefer Place, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 6N5, Canada

City Dog Etiquette

An idyllic Fall day in False Creek; Vancouver, B.C.
(Happy Hodor Dog Walking Service 2018)

We keep our pack walks close to home, meaning that your dog learns to be well-behaved while walking in your own neighbourhood. We love the idea of any dog running trails every day, but we want your dog to learn to interact safely and respectfully in their immediate environment, whether while with us or out with you.

All Weather Hodor

Hodor models his raincoat; Vancouver, B.C.
(Happy Hodor Dog Walking Service 2018)

We walk five days a week, rain or shine. If you own a small breed, Happy Hodor requests you provide a rain coat for your dog (and boots if necessary), as well as a towel for our arrival back at your home.

Taking Extra Care

Hodor loves the snow; Creekside Park, Vancouver, B.C.
(Happy Hodor Dog Walking Service 2018)

Bernese mountain dogs are built for the cold, but not every dog is.

We take the time to towel dry your pooch, as well as clean their paws at the conclusion of cold weather walks. After that we top up their water dish, give a quick treat for a trick, and say goodbye for the day!

Come Home to Your Content Canine

Hodor takes a well-earned rest; Happy Hodor, Vancouver, B.C.
(Happy Hodor Dog Walking Service 2018)

We want your dog to greet you at the door with a happy wag and healthy enthusiasm, rather than a frantic scramble to get outside for relief. Let us work with your schedule to provide the exercise and structure your dog desires!