A Note on walking vs. training

All training should be conducted in a one-on-one setting!

"Didn't your site say that my dog would receive training while being walked by you?"

Yes, and your dog will have their most rudimentary commands (such as "Sit", "Stay", and "This way") put into practice and positively reinforced while on a group walk with me.

During our assessment walk and prior to my first walk with your dog, we'll discuss what directional commands you've been using, and any challenges you've experienced with your dog while walking on-leash. I'll incorporate the same commands you use into my walks with your dog in order to provide consistency of expectations. I'll also provide feedback on what techniques have provided me success in addressing the potential challenges you may identify.

Proper training, however, constitutes daily practice between yourself and your dog, addressing one specific behaviour at a time. A trainer acts as a coach for the two of you, to help you achieve your goals through improved communication. Successful training requires patience, and the ability to recognize and praise incremental learning from your dog.

There are no quick fixes!

More Information on Training with Happy Hodor

Happy Hodor is proud to offer a six week training program to address any and all daily challenges your pooch may present!

Trevor's formal background is founded upon positive reinforcement training.

Have you given clicker training a go, but something's yet to click for your pup?

Are you concerned about a recurring negative behaviour, but uncertain how to make it stop?

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