Six Session Program: $300.00 (+GST)

How it Works:

There are many reasons to seek out a professional dog trainer. Whether you've brought a new puppy into your home, or have noticed an unexpected and challenging behaviour in your dog, training is ultimately teaching stronger communication between you and your canine companion

Email me ( with a brief summary of what has led you to seek out a professional dog trainer, and in the instance of a perceived problematic behaviour(s), what you've tried to date to address that behaviour(s).

We'll then schedule a free, 15 minute phone consultation in which you and I can further discuss what options for training are available.

Thereafter we'll meet for an hour long session with your dog. The session includes:

- Assessment and consultation outside the home,

- Assessment and consultation within your home,

- Assigned homework for the week, which will be the first portion of your dog's training plan!

This session will count as one of the six weeks, meaning there are five half-hour follow-ups thereafter.


Proceed With Confidence

I want to ensure that you have full confidence that we can together work to address whatever concerns  brought you to Happy Hodor in need of a trainer.

Following our hour long in-person initial consultation, should you for any reason not wish to proceed with the Happy Hodor training program, you'll still be provided with the first week's lesson plan at a charge of $100.00 (+GST).

 Assuming everything's a go after that initial meeting, we'll set up a weekly time to get together!


Your Training Plan is a Path to Success

The first portion of your dog's training plan will be assigned to you after our first meeting.

The plan will provide you with:

  •  exercises meant to be practiced daily,
  •  feedback from our weekly meeting,
  •  as well as general training tips for communicating with your dog that will be applicable to more than just the specific issues we'll work to address.

The assigned exercises included in any week's training will have already been demonstrated by me to you in our weekly meeting, so you won't be left to interpret text without having seen it in practice.

Please note that each successive week's plan will be prepared and emailed to you following our weekly meet up (on the same day of), as it will have to be adjusted accordingly to your dog's progress from the week prior.


A Team Effort!


It's important to clarify that I will be acting primarily as a coach for you in your dog's training.

It's not possible that we meet and I "cure" or "solve" your dog's perceived issues instantaneously.

Dog training at its core is communication between two species, and working to better understand one another. I'll be teaching you how to better understand and communicate with your companion.

My role will be:

  • To assign homework,
  • To answer any questions you may have regarding your dog's training,
  • To observe and evaluate your dog's progress, and adjust our training plan accordingly,
  • To coach and critique your implementation of each week's exercises at our weekly meeting, providing constructive feedback, and
  • To demonstrate new exercises prior to their assignment for weekly practice.

I will be available to you anytime via text, or for scheduled calls should you request them on weeknights (with the exception of Wednesday nights, on which I have a recurring personal obligation).

Following the conclusion of our six weeks together, I'll continue to provide you with advice or insight as requested!

Ready to Start?