Do you offer off-leash trail walks?

At present, no. While I have a vehicle, it's used to transport myself and Hodor between scheduled bookings.

Do you provide dog-sitting or boarding?

No. I'm always happy to recommend reputable businesses I've connected with.

Why are pick up times for walks provided in two-hour increments?

You may request a pickup time within the two-hour window provided for each respective service, and I’ll do my best to accommodate that request.

Please understand that in order to provide the best, and safest, experience possible for each dog every day, their individual needs must be taken into consideration.

If it’s August, the temperature’s high, and I’m walking a Frenchie in direct sun, we’ll need to stop and take breathers for water and shade.

If it’s November, and pouring rain, each dog will need to be dried off at walk’s end, and many will have to be dressed in their raincoats to start.

Apply these considerations five or six times over per walk, and those minutes add up!

The block pick up requests account for the time allotted to ensure that your dog has the best walk possible, unique to their specific needs.

This is all in addition to variance in travel times effected by traffic as a result of inclement weather, construction, etc.

Why bill from the time of your arrival, and not once you’re out the door with my dog?

Does your dog come running when you reach for their leash? Perfect! We’ll be on our way immediately.

Many anxious or fearful dogs, however, don’t react enthusiastically to a new walker reaching for their harness or leash. If this description applies to your dog, I’ll work to develop a positive association for your dog with their harness over time.

I will not, however, forcefully place a dog in a harness at their expense just to save a couple of seconds. That only creates anxiety and fear for your dog, and puts myself in harm's way.

The walk truly begins before we’re out the door, and I want your dog’s walk to be fun and stress free!

Training anything the right way, no matter what the goal, takes time and patience.

Why are your rates higher for midday start times?

Midday pick up times are the most frequently requested start times for services.

Do you work on holidays?

No. When I've offered services on holidays in the past, the demand has been minimal to none. I am therefore unavailable for service on holidays.